Hello, I am Akshata, I am from a creative soul from the charming city Hubli, and passion for design knows no bounds. With a heart as expansive as my dreams, I finds joy in mastering new techniques and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. When I am not immersed in the world of design, you’ll find my cherishing moments with my  beloved family, creating lasting memories with each passing day. My love for adventure knows no bounds, as I eagerly plans trips to explore new destinations and soak in the beauty of the world around me. In My journey through life, and seeks to blend My artistic flair with my unwavering dedication to My loved ones, creating a tapestry of  love, laughter, and boundless inspiration. Hubli is my  hometown, but the world is my canvas, waiting to be painted with the colours of My imagination.



Hey! Excited To Know More About ME??

Hi it’s me Akshata, and I completed engineering in  Electrical and Electronics stream and  graduated from VTU Belagavi. I am  a tech enthusiast with a knack for website and logo designing, blogging, and digital marketing. My curiosity knows no bounds; I am always eager to learn new techniques and help others along the way.When I am  not immersed in the digital world, I enjoys spending time with friends and cherishing moments with my parents. As a girl with big dreams,  aspires to achieve independence on my own terms. My  ultimate goal? To embark on a world tour and explore diverse cultures. Get ready to be inspired by my passion, creativity, and unwavering determination!

Love with technology transcends conventional boundaries. While my academic background provided me with a solid foundation, lies in the world of design and digital marketing. Website designing, logo creation, crafting captivating landing pages – these are not just tasks for me  they are expressions of my  creative prowess. With an innate flair for aesthetics and an eye for detail, me always trying to transforms ideas into visually stunning realities.

But my  interests don’t stop here. And I also a fervent blogger, wielding words like an artist with a brush. Through my  blogs, i shares insights, experiences, and valuable tips, inviting readers into my world of discovery and learning. Each post is not just a piece of content; it’s a journey – an exploration of ideas and possibilities.

But perhaps what defines Me most is my unwavering determination to carve my path in life. As a girl with dreams as vast as the horizon, me always desire for independence – to chart my course, pursue my  passions, and explore the world on my terms. Each day is a step towards that vision, a testament to my resilience .

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